Boosting Service

Boosting Services for legion is NOT available !

General Information:
<Bird is the Word> is selling Raid Dungeon Boosting for the current and active expantion set of World of Warcraft.
This type of boosting service include items such as Mounts, Loots, Mythic or Heroic Raid Dungeon Complete Archivement, Boss kills or other item listed below.

Payment and Handling:
All orders dates and times will be agreed upon through the selling Officer,
usually a waiting time from 1 to 3 weeks is expected, but exceptions can occur.
In order to insure maximum timely efficiency, we require a small prepaid amount of at least 10% ahead of time
to secure your spot for the future service agreed upon. The last 90% will be requested within the Raid Dungeon before the first boss pull.

Updated @25.9.2017 – Prices are necessarily not up2date, contact us for more accurate prices and or other offers.
You can also visit the forum link ->  N/A

Raid – Mythic N/A

  • 10/10 Full Clear with Gear – N/A

    • All Gear/Token

If you wish to buy one or more of our different services you can contact to us directly through RealID or ingame chat (private message). RealID:
@EU-Frostwhisper: Ethevan, Lemmyz & Pha